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Confirmation Class visits Bloomfield Muslim Community Center

Bloomfield Muslim Community Center hosted its first confirmation class from Trinity Episcopal Church (Hartford, CT) yesterday. Confirmation is a process teenagers go through to confirm their religious beliefs and commit to a religion. This process leads them to learn about other faiths. We went over the 6 tenants of belief, 5 pillars, women, hijab, extremism, […]

Auer Farm Festival Community Booth

Bloomfield Muslim Community Center represented with a booth at the Auer Farm Festival on May 31st from 11am-3pm during Celebrate Bloomfield Week. Connections were made with many community leaders including rotary president, deputy mayor and town council members. We enjoy very much connecting with our neighbors and contributing towards Bloomfield’s spiritual life.

National Day of Prayer

On May 1st, Lighthouse for Humanity took part in the National Day of Prayer. Across the nation Americans came together to remember their Creator in their own way.