As a member of the Bloomfield Interfaith Association we proudly participated this year’s Thanksgiving event organized in our town, Bloomfield, CT. The event was a time of joy that was elevated through rich participation and contribution of different faiths of the town of Bloomfield. The meeting included the Mayor of the town and also a representative from the State of Connecticut.

Two members of our community Chaplain Mustafa Polat and Dr. Mustafa Akbulut had a share in the talks.

Chaplain Mustafa Polat recited Chpater 55 of our holy book, Quran which is called Sura- Ar-Rahman.

Dr. Mustafa Akbulut delivered a brief lecture about the significance of thanks in our tradition from Risale-i Nur Collection (The Treatise of Light)

Special thanks to other members of our community and all the people of faith that participated in this event.