ISNAWe just passed the best time of the year to read and have a better understanding of the Qur’an. As Lighthouse volunteers, we tried to get the best out of this month by our local and online Qur’anic Tafseer studies. We use parts from Said Nursi’s Risale-i Nur Collection during our discussions in our efforts to share our Qur’anic inspirations with Muslims and Non-Muslims.

We had opened a booth in this year’s ICNA convention in Hartford, CT. It was a great opportunity to meet with a lot of brothers and sisters. If you visited our booth, we would like to hear your thoughts and feedback. We pray that these intellectual engagements will increase our understanding of the Book of Allah, insha’Allah.

We are going to be at 50th Annual ISNA Convention from August 30th to September 2nd, 2013 at booths #1047 and #1049. Please visit us again at our booths, and Contact Us!