Please enjoy these websites from our friends around the world on Risale-i Nur:

Nur Publishers – Publishers and distributors of Risale-i Nur in Mid-West America.

Istanbul Foundation for Science & Culture – Risale-i Nur Institute devoted disseminating Risale-i Nur through the Academic world. Hosts international symposiums and conferences. Additionally the publish books, articles, videos and academic papers on Risale-i Nur.

Durham University UK Risale-i Nur Studies – The long-term objective of the Risale -i Nur Studies, an inter-departmental initiative, is the scholarly study and analysis of the thought and teachings of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, particularly as embodied by his magnum opus, the six-thousand page work of Koranic exegesis known as the Risale-i Nur.

Nur Gen – Collection of various Risale-i Nur material including videos, pictures and translations.

Risale-i Nur Wikipedia

Imam Said Nursi Wikipedia