We mainly read a tafsir (commentary) of the Qur’an called Risale-i Nur written by the Muslim scholar Said Nursi. He was a scholar of late Ottoman times and Turkish Republic.

What is Risale-i Nur

An article on Risale-i Nur from Wikipedia:

The Risale-i Nur Collection (TurkishRisale-i Nur KülliyatıOttoman Turkish: رسالة نور كلىاتي) is a tafsir (Islamic exegesis) on the Qur’an written by Said Nursi between the 1910s and 1950s in Turkey. Unlike the methodology of classical Islamic exegesis, this commentary doesn’t keep the ayah order in commenting on the meanings. It is rather a thematic tafsir in dealing with the doubts about the basic doctrines and principles of Islam. This collection includes fourteen books(seven in english) and every book includes several chapters and every chapter is about a distinctive topic regarding the Islamic issues that are criticized and attacked by modernity or in particular, atheism and naturalism. The primary purpose of the Risale-i Nur is the revitalization of the faith of the ordinary believers, along with the moral renewal. This magnum opus of Said Nursi is a deep reflection on the Quran that includes a rational analysis of the Islamic sources and reinterpreting it for the mentality of his age. However, it isn’t just an exegesis but also it is a reflection of the author’s own life.

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