As a member of the Bloomfield Interfaith Association we proudly participated this year’s Thanksgiving event organized in our town, Bloomfield, CT. The event was a time of joy that was elevated through rich participation and contribution of different faiths of the town of Bloomfield.
Two members of our community Imam Ahmet Baykar Yurdakul and Imam Cezmi Yeniay had a share in the talks. Imam Cezmi Yeniay called Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) and recited Chapter 55 of our holy book, Quran which is called Sura- Ar-Rahman. Imam Ahmet Yurdakul delivered a brief lecture about the significance of thanks in our tradition from Risale-i Nur Collection (The Treatise of Light). Special thanks to other members of our community and all the people of faith that participated in this event.