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Association of Muslim Chaplains conference attended by LH4H leaders

Imam Ahmet Baykar and Imam Sami Abdul Aziz attended the Association of Muslim Chaplains Conference at Yale University this past weekend. The event provides training and mentor-ship for Chaplains, Leaders, Imams and volunteers from across the nation. “I enjoy attending the AMC conference due to the skills I acquire, and brotherhood/sisterhood that is built” states […]

Confirmation Class visits Bloomfield Muslim Community Center

Bloomfield Muslim Community Center hosted its first confirmation class from Trinity Episcopal Church (Hartford, CT) yesterday. Confirmation is a process teenagers go through to confirm their religious beliefs and commit to a religion. This process leads them to learn about other faiths. We went over the 6 tenants of belief, 5 pillars, women, hijab, extremism, […]

2015 Winter Retreat

Our annual winter retreat is coming up. Please see this year’s flyer. Please click here for registration details!

Auer Farm Festival Community Booth

Bloomfield Muslim Community Center represented with a booth at the Auer Farm Festival on May 31st from 11am-3pm during Celebrate Bloomfield Week. Connections were made with many community leaders including rotary president, deputy mayor and town council members. We enjoy very much connecting with our neighbors and contributing towards Bloomfield’s spiritual life.

2014 Winter Qur’an Retreat is over.

Alhamdulillah. We had a wonderful retreat in the last week of December. We had very beneficial lectures, great friendships and spiritual growth. People came from all over US and even Turkey. To see all those brothers coming  from all different places and walks of life sitting together to understand Allah swt and his message to […]

Thanksgiving event of our town

As a member of the Bloomfield Interfaith Association we proudly participated this year’s Thanksgiving event organized in our town, Bloomfield, CT. The event was a time of joy that was elevated through rich participation and contribution of different faiths of the town of Bloomfield. The meeting included the Mayor of the town and also a […]

LH4H presents Islam 101 in Mormon Church.

Lighthouse for Humanity presented Islam as a part of Bloomfield Interfaith Association. Some of our community made the presentation in a local Mormon Church of Bloomfield. We had a crowd over 100 people with Mormons and Muslims attending together. We received very positive feedback and hoping to present may be a second one in the […]

LH4H participates in ICNA convention.

As Lighthouse for Humanity,we had the opportunity to reach out to Muslims from all across America and meet with many people to talk about our services and books we read, the Risale-i Nur Collection through our booth we opened at the ICNA convention. See pictures below!    

Summer Quran Retreat ~ 10 Days of Tafakkur (reflection)

Today begins a 10 day Quran retreat at the Bloomfield Dersana.  Please join us at anytime during the week. Daily activities include: -Quran recitation and discussion -Salah -Eating good food & cooking -Garden reflection -Dhiqr -Community service This retreat is a great way to disconnect from the world(dunya) and reconnect with our Creator. There will […]